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This Cygnett Aerosphere Is One Of The Coolest Cases For The iPhone 4/4S – And With This Cheaper Alternative It Just Got Better

Published on August 20th, 2012 by in iPhone


Right, so you’ve just forked out a healthy sum of cash for your new iPhone 4S, what’s the next thing you do? Get a case to protect it of course! With over 340 million iPhone units sold to date it’s not surprising the huge array of different cases you can get, from the cheap and basic to the more extreme like the yellow jacket stun gun case.

Well one of the coolest and most popular cases out at the moment is the Cygnett Aerospace as pictured above which is easily distinguishable by its unique bubble or golf ball like texture. The only disadvantage of a branded product such as that is the price and at around £25 it’s certainly quite pricey.

Well we have the solution to that problem right here with a case that has the same great design, made from equally great materials, but at only a fraction of the cost, and here’s our review:


As you can see the crystal silicone case is imprinted with a subtle but distinguishable bubble or golf ball like print. The design is done entirely on the inside so you are still left with a smooth finish on the exterior. The bubbles run down he side as well, and the design of the print gives it a fantastic 3D look almost like an optical illusion. It’s also got well crafted sections to cover the power and volume buttons that do not hinder usage at all – there’s nothing worse than a case that makes you have to press a button two or three times until it works.



The case is made out of premium grade silicon, flexible to so it slips on and holds onto your device well but hard enough to give great protection – you would have to drop it from pretty damn far for any damage to get through to your iPhone.
It’s also very robust itself at shrugging of damage, I’ve done a number of drop tests such as dropping onto a road surface, not only is the phone fine but the case it very durable itself, showing little or no damage.


It’s a fantastic little case and just from testing it for a few days I was shocked at the amount of people telling me what a cool looking case it was. It’s a great combination of protection, attractive design and also while maintaining the beautiful sleek feel and look of the iPhone.

We were so impressed with the case in fact that The Apple Update has teamed up with suppliers to be able to give you a limited amount of these awesome cases at a great discounted price. The cases are available at the limited price of only £4.99 and you can get them straight from us right HERE.

You will not find a case of this design and this quality any where else and you will be surprised at how many people will ask you about it, it really is unique. Be assured it is also made of the highest grade crystal clear silicone to give a fantastic finish and guarantee the best protection for your phone.

Shipping is available worldwide and as mentioned before we are only able to put a limited number of these cases up for sale at this fantastic price. It’s certainly one of the best cases for complimenting the iPhones design we’ve come across, so make sure you get yourself one while you can.

Get your own hologram aerospace case right here.


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Howard Richards is a London based Psychology student and technology blogger who specializes in the world of Apple. He sources and writes about the latest rumours and leaked pictures to come out on future Apple products. He is a keen twitter user so follow him to find out more!


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